If you have a loved one in a nursing home (like Regina Nursing Center) you may be looking to spend some extra time with them this holiday season. However, while you may have good intentions, some people make a few common mistakes around the holiday time. Asking the nursing home specific questions can help you avoid making any of these mistakes, while still ensuring you can make your loved one's holiday season merry and bright. Here are a few questions to ask before you visit your loved one this holiday season hoping to spread cheer.

If Holiday Hours Are Extended

Before you head out to visit your loved one this holiday season, make sure you ask staff when visiting hours are. Many facilities know that the holiday season can get hectic, and trying to visit your loved one between shopping and holiday parties can be tough. As such, they may extend holiday hours. But don't assume this will happen. Some may only extend hours on the weekends while others may not extend the hours at all. Also, keep in mind that nursing homes often have holiday activities, such as cookie decorating or a holiday party as well. Ask what activities are going on and when so you don't interrupt something fun with your visit.

If Your Loved One Is on a Special Diet

When your loved one is in a nursing home, you may not keep up with changes to their diet. After all, someone else is doing the cooking. But many people bring their loved ones treats and goodies during the holiday season. This may include candy or cookies. Before you bring any food along, always ask the staff if your loved one is on a special diet or if there are any food restrictions. This ensures your well-meaning gift doesn't go to waste if your loved one can't eat it.

What Decorations Are Allowed

Lastly, you may be thinking about bringing holiday decorations with you to brighten up your loved one's room. Some people will bring strands of lights, window clings, or even a little tree. But before you bring in decorations, be sure to ask staff what is allowed. Many items are restricted because they can be a fire hazard. The facility may not allow other items because they are a tripping hazard. Other facilities may welcome decorations, just in common areas, rather than private rooms. Always ask before you bring them along with you.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you may be looking to brighten up their holiday season by visiting, bringing treats or decorating their room. But before you do, find out what visiting hours are for the holiday season, what dietary restrictions your loved one may be on and what decorations they allow in the facility.