Making the decision to move from your existing residence to an independent living community is not always the easiest decision. When you are selecting a place, you want to choose one with certain features so you do not feel like you are giving up freedoms or making significant changes to your lifestyle.

Companion Living

Some communities offer seniors the option to live with a roommate. There are numerous benefits to living with another senior. First, the costs of living in a specialty environment can be cut in half allowing more seniors to find a community that fits their budget. Making the transition to a community is difficult because it may come with the fear of losing freedoms. If seniors can find someone with common interests and personalities, the transition can be less overwhelming. Family members may feel more comfortable with the change if their loved one has a roommate because they can offer an extra layer of security if a medical emergency were to occur. Even if you want your own room or apartment, it helps to know the option is available if you change your mind later.

Dining Services

When choosing a community it helps for residents to have a fully-staffed dining hall in addition to a kitchen at their residence. Some seniors may have physical limitations that prevent them from preparing or cooking meals. This can easily lead to making poor food choices out of convenience. When there are various choices for each meal and snacks throughout the day, seniors will be more inclined to avoid unhealthy snacks, processed foods, or food that can make chronic diseases worse, such as foods high in salt or sugar. Having access to high quality food is one way to improve overall health and prevent the escalation of chronic diseases.

On-Site Luxury Services

Some senior living communities function like a small city. This makes it easier for seniors who no longer drive or have mobility limitations to continue to enjoy luxury services. For example, the facility may have on-site hair and nail services, so residents can continue to engage in their normal rituals. Other on-site services might include gaming areas where community members can enjoy the company of their friends while playing cards or pool, or watching sports. The goal is to create an environment that is more accessible without making it seem drastically different than living at home.

Independent living communities are consistently evolving to offer more options to seniors making the transition. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to find the most comfortable environment for your needs.

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