If you have an elderly relative who lives on their own, you are most likely concerned about their well-being at times they do not have someone else in their home to care for them. The bathroom is a room in a home where moisture accumulation and humidity can lead to the possibility of slipping quite easily. Here are some steps you can take to help revamp your loved one's bathroom in an attempt to make it safer for them to use.

Add Skid-Proof Tape To Tubs And Rugs

It is a good idea to add a rubber skid-proof tape to areas where moisture is likely to make it more difficult to navigate in a bathroom. Apply rubber gripping tape to the bottom of a tub or shower so your relative maintains their stability when bathing. This tape can also be placed on the backs of bathmats to make them stationary instead of easily sliding when stepping upon them. The tape can be applied directly to the floor in front of the tub instead of using a rug if desired. Since this tape has a glue backing, it can be peeled off and replaced with new tape when necessary.

Install Handrails To Make Navigating Easier

Placing handrails in heavily utilized areas of your relative's bathroom will make it easier for them to navigate through the area without slipping in the process. Make sure to place a rail along the wall next to the bathtub as well as inside of the tub to help your relative get seated and stand up with ease. It is best to put another rail next to the toilet as well as one near the sink. Placing a rail under the light switch is also a good idea so your relative can grab onto it with one hand and flip the switch with the other when necessary.

Consider Switching To A Walk-In Tub

The bathtub can be extremely dangerous for an elderly person who is starting to show signs of mobility issues. To help them get into a tub a bit easier, it may be beneficial to switch to a model that has a hinged door on the side. This will allow them to open up the tub, walk in without having to lift up their legs, and then get seated inside to bathe. Walk-in tubs usually have an elevated seating area. They will also have a handheld shower sprayer to help with the bathing process.

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