Serious illnesses and injuries can devastate your health. They can rob you of your ability to walk and support your own weight normally. They may also leave you severely weakened and incapable of staying awake for more than a few minutes at a time.

Because of how significantly these illnesses ruin your health, they also prevent you from living independently after you get out of the hospital. However, you can regain your strength and grow stronger after serious illnesses and injuries by undergoing professional rehab care.

Learning to Support Your Weight

When an illness or injury has taken away from you your ability to walk and support your weight, you may need to relearn how to walk normally again. You must use devices like crutches or walkers to help you bear your weight until you get stronger. You also must exercise daily to strengthen your muscles and build up your resistance.

A rehab care facility, that you go to after you get out of the hospital, can provide you with both the mobility devices and opportunities to exercise so you can grow stronger. You will work with experienced rehabilitation therapists who will devise exercise programs just for you, so you can focus on the weakened parts of your body and regain your strength.

Regaining Cognitive Abilities

Illnesses, like a stroke or heart attack, can also rob you of your cognitive abilities. You may not be able to remember things as well. You also may struggle with simple tasks like holding a cup of water or recalling your own last name. 

The rehab care facility has therapists on staff who will work closely with you to help you regain your cognitive strength. They will teach you basic skills, such as counting or reading words that you have forgotten. They also will help you remember names of your family members, your address, phone number and other basic details that a stroke or heart attack can wipe from your memory.

You may need to spend several weeks, or possibly longer, in rehab care to recover fully from your illness or injury. However, your time there may restore your former abilities and allow you to live safely at home again.

Rehab care serves patients recovering from serious illnesses and injuries. You will learn how to support your own weight and walk again. You also will regain your cognitive abilities.

To learn more about rehab care, contact a nursing home or assisted living center in your area.